17 thoughts on “bow down

  1. Ted M. Gossard

    Nice photo. Short, to the point. Interesting, your word choices. And the possibilities in it, as one commenter said. :-) I think the Bible does the same thing sometimes. Maybe with not an either/or, but and/both kind of option.

    1. nancy Post author

      i like getting your thoughts…thank you. Yes, i think that the words of the bible can be and/both as the Spirit wants us to understand at the time.

  2. lschontos

    I love this picture Nance. We have fields like this here and the wind blowing through makes it looks like gentle waves. It is beautiful!

  3. Maureen

    Love the contrast in the image of the deep green against the wheat-color, as well as the movement you’ve captured.

    The turning in and under of those leaves provides food for growth. . . all things return to the earth.

    1. nancy Post author

      that grass photo is a combination of two shots, but one of the shots is more visible than the other. i just love the movement in the bending over.

  4. SImplyDarlene

    Miss Davis,

    You’ll have to forgive
    (but don’t forget)
    my techno

    I clicked the bottom
    and found
    prompts, etc.
    and etceteras.

    My bad.

    Not sad. Though.

    Just a little
    off my

    1. nancy Post author

      actually, i’m glad you told me. i thought i had a link with that photo, and i hadn’t and won’t take the link. so i scrapped it. thanks.

  5. SImplyDarlene

    Miss Davis, what is that “junie jazz” image about? I click it and get a larger image. Did you snap that photo? Cool beans for balloons.

    (now I see your poem is a haiku, mine take, not so much)


    1. nancy Post author

      oh yes…you made a whole new meaning in my mind just by changing the word breaks! i was thinking of planting a tree…but, now i see that meaning may not have made it through. and now it seems that the leaves are being turned into the soil…and there was no tree to be found at all.


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