who’s to say
if a rose
a rose
who knows
if someday
walking in an alley
i might think
of turquoise brick 
that way
Rose is the word for May at tweetspeak poetry.

12 thoughts on “turquoise

  1. Wayne

    One thing I love about teaching science is I can often talk about color… The other day we explored the land between blue and green

  2. monicasharman

    Turquoise brick! This makes me think of how sometimes I wished we bought a house downtown, where the old Victorians are painted so…atypically. In our neighborhood it’s actually part of the HOA covenants that people keep their houses “natural” colors (not the purple/fuchsia/bright yellow/turquoise combinations like they have downtown). When we moved in, our house was brown with darker brown trim. Now at least it’s off-white (“Arizona white,” says the paint can) with teal trim.

  3. steve

    Nice find, I love the color. I love the idea of someone brighting up their corner of the world. ( thank you Beth) Who’s to say anyway!

  4. Beth

    You got me thinking too hard for so early in the morning. So–if we interpret it as such, then it becomes that? Is that what you’re saying?
    Ouch! Too early. But I like the turqoise brick in a photo–I’m not sure I’d like to see it every day next to me. But someone wanted to brighten up their corner of the world, didn’t they? :>)


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