make a way softly
swept across the sky
make it a summer’s day
full of ripe possibilities
that become
and linger on the tongue
long after the setting
of a peach stained sun

20 thoughts on “day

  1. Beth

    You’ve captured the essence of a summer day: “full of ripe possiblities that become and linger on the tongue. . .” Summer like no other season seems to explode with possibilites that you talk about for years after ( at least for me). If I close my eyes and really concentrate, I can feel the warmth of the concrete pier, feel the droplets of water brought forth with a slight breeze, see, and hear the waves slapping against the rocks, smell the water, and taste that fishy smell of Lake Erie that I experienced every June growing up.
    The top image in your painting reminds me of the smooth, flat rocks that would jut out into the lake. We could lie on them and feel like we were smack dab in the middle of nothing but water. Just like your painting, the shoreline also had hidden rocks beneath the lake’s surface, so you couldn’t bring even small boats in close (well, except for rowboats and even then it took some talented maneuvering).

  2. shrinkingthecamel

    WHoa. Did you know you used two tences, past and present, in the first two lines? I actually dig that – “make a way softly, swept across the sky.” Like I can gasp this, hear it, feel it, just as it is. Just as you say – present swept up as past. Keep going, nancy-girl


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