i am thankful for a husband that does not believe

i am thankful for medication for depression

i am thankful for my hair getting thinner

i am thankful for droopy skin under my chin

i am thankful for car windows that don’t work

i am thankful for age spots

i am thankful for a smile from my teenager

i am thankful for dirty clothes and dishes



22 thoughts on “orange

  1. Ted M. Gossard

    Giving thanks for all things to God in the name of Jesus- something like that in Ephesians, which I take to mean giving thanks because the great and good God is at work in all things, even the tragic of life. Other places in scripture that reflect this. Being lifted up, I think Philippians 4:6-7 where we’re told with thanksgiving to make our requests to God instead of worrying about anything, And that then God’s peace will garrison or guard our hearts and minds in Jesus.

    1. nancy Post author

      Thank you, brother Ted. This is very helpful. I don’t usually thank God for the things that I see as “not so wonderful.” But, the last time I did it…it was strange in a good way. It had an effect on me that I could say was Peace…with some immediate other things within those things to be thankful for. Showing me a bit of my lack of humility and understanding. I didn’t realize just how comforting, humility can be…but, it kind of takes off the pressure of feeling that I am the one that is suppose to make everything right because I am the one that made the bad choices in the first place. I knew that, but, when it is personal, it’s hard to actually see it in my own life. It’s much easier to just feel guilty and try to make it all better.

  2. Ted M. Gossard

    Thanksgiving. Something I need to do more. And be more. Thankful. Yes, and for things which of themselves don’t seem good, and yet a good God is working in them all somehow in this world in our life and mission in Jesus. I like the realism of your thoughts here, Nancy. And the faith that calls out to God through Jesus in that.

  3. Valerie Kamikubo

    I am very thankful for a lot of things that come with older age (and they’re out on my back wall to prove it), but try as I might, I’m not sure that I can ever be thankful for the droopy skin under my chin. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s who I am :-) I love, love, love your cat artwork, and I am humbled by what you write!

    1. nancy Post author

      i do wonder, it seems as i was writing these and thinking in terms of being thankful for each one instead of being bothered by them…i was presented with reasons why is should be thankful, and i felt not only humbled, but strangely relived.

  4. Beth

    Okay, my bubble may have been burst! I am reading Ann’s book now and am assuming I will like it all the way through. Am I wrong–Steve has me concerned. But I do NOT want to know the ending. sigh

    Okay, here goes, Nance ( I know you will appreciate this and I’d only do it on your blog): I’m thankful for a neon bright orange bikini that showed off a well-endowed figure topped by a freckled face with beautiful green eyes and smiling glossed lips framed by orangish red hair (lots of it). Oh and the fingernails were orange to match that daring suit! That bathing suit symbolised the end of my marriage and the deception of a best friend. Now she and I get along with each other once again as we share kids and grandkids. But now every time she leaves a grandchild’s birthday party or some event with him trailing along, I give a big sigh of relief that it’s her leaving with him and not me! And I say a prayer of gratitude for neon orange bikini bathing suit.;>) (That’s simplifying the issue of course.)

    1. nancy Post author

      i won’t tell you the ending of the book, because have forgotten. but…i’m going to read it again…so i can forget again. :-)

      I am so glad you shared about the orange bikini and accessories. I totally appreciate it.

      And ya know…i like to see how our hearts can be changed, and how things that once bothered us become less important.

  5. steve

    Davis, I think it will never be all easy and it will never be all good. But being thankful for all the things in my life, good and not so good is a step in the right direction. I liked Ann Voskamp’s book until I got to the end.


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