once-a-week sucks

i am a drop of rain
slowly making my way
down your neck
and into your shirt
and you thought you were covered
with that blue collar insurance
that she sold you
that day on the subway

22 thoughts on “once-a-week sucks

  1. Simply Darlene

    I heard if you dip those grasshoppers in chocolate they taste okay. ha. I’m glad you are here in the land of multiple posts a week! Yeehaw for falling off the wagon. I fell off the turnip truck so I guess we may very well be related.

    a rain
    rode a
    across my
    lawn and
    the koi

  2. monicasharman

    I’ve always believed in constantly adjusting to whatever life reveals. :) (And, when I told my oldest son that in summer he has to cook dinner once a week, he considered making grasshoppers as one of the meals. Who knows? Maybe they’re good! (ha))

  3. steve

    I can feel that drop, slowly making its way from my hairline down past my shirt colar. Grasshoppers? Maybe covered with chocolate or smothered with BBQ sauce and grilled to the point of no return! Na… I’d rather have you post more!

  4. mdoallas

    Your little somethin’ in the header looks like a Miro, though even more playful. So good to have you back among us.

    1. nancy Post author

      i’m throwing my hat into the ring…i’m falling off the wagon…i’m NOT sticking to my once-a-week plan any longer. i would rather eat grasshoppers.


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