this is my first “once-a-week” post. i am attempting to “press the off button…more often” on technology.  over-use of anything is not a good thing.  and i can see that over-use of technology is having a bad effect on adults and children alike.  the photos that i have posted are the paintings that i’m working on now. i’m still mainly learning what i can DO with acrylic and watercolour.

-the top two images are acrylic on canvas. the first one being 30″ x 40″, and the second one 18″ x 18″.

-the image below is watercolour on paper 20″ x 14″.

IF any of you are interested, i will continue to post photo updates as i continue the work.

as far as using less technology, i have found myself making small choices to us the “off” button more often, and a few times even making the choice to not press the “on” button in the first place. i have lately been reminded that if i don’t want to wither and be gathered up and put in the fire…i need to abide in the Lord.

although i know that God is always with me, my part is to abide in the Lord, soak Him up, walk in His Light (not in darkness), have fellowship with the Lord, and confess my sins.

(note:   your posted comments are delivered to my email, so even though i’m only posting once-a-week, i can read your comments, and my replies will show-up directly under your posted comment.)


Love to you.

33 thoughts on “first

  1. mtrsummer

    Beautiful color…and the need to abide and soak in God is exactly it. That Practicing of His Presence/abiding is what I hunger for as well. Your post is an invitation to remember. Thank you.

    1. nancy Post author

      Yes, thank you. I think that it is important to practice our spirit to Spirit awareness and communication; our abiding in His presence.

  2. Simply Darlene

    I figured Monday was the start, but I clicked over just to see…

    Of course your creative process is intriguing to a non-painter like me. This background color feels like a hug.


  3. lschontos

    Ah – I have found you! I’ve been away – busy unpacking what seems like an endless supply of cardboard boxes. But I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I honor your choices Nance. I have found a real peace in not spending much time on-line. Now that I’m getting back to a more normal schedule, I have to be careful not to go back to old habits. I know I was spending far too much time blogging.
    I love the beautiful brilliant colors. You are amazing.

    1. nancy Post author

      i understand. it’s so easy to sit down at the computer and have two hours whoosh by. glad to know that you’re enjoying your new digs.

  4. Nancy

    I appreciate your efforts at putting bounderies on your technology use….I have to admit it’s been a struggle for me but I too feel God is saying more time with Him and less time with the computer….

    I love your artwork especially the first picture…..I hope you will continue to keep us posted….My name is Nancy too and my daddy always called me Nance….so whenever I see where you have posted on someone’s blog I always get a heart tug….

    1. nancy Post author

      hi, nancy. thanks for stopping by. it is a struggle for me as well, as it is mainly a habit to turn certain things on at certain times, with out much thought. marketing and advertisers have been getting more and more control of our brains. and we spend too much time looking at screens. kids don’t learn how to write cursive anymore. i know i can’t just quit cold turkey…but, i can take steps to cut back… and make better choices in how i use any communicating technology.

  5. Valerie Kamikubo

    Well, I love that flower for sure! You’re going to find that you have a lot more time to create by spending less time on the internet. Blessings to you as you continue on this journey.

    1. nancy Post author

      i certainly want to be less plugged-in to technology. it is a slow process, mainly because i did not realize just how much i use it. i am noticing also how much the commercial media plays a role in my life. also, in the life of society.

  6. nancy Post author

    that off button business is funny. when i’m in the car i find myself reaching to push on button to the radio, catching myself in the act, and then again maybe just a few minutes later… i have found that i reach to turn it on without even really thinking about it.

    i think that poetry is gonna sneak up behind you and shout “surprise” one of these days.

  7. ljbmom

    Yes, I am interested too. Pushing the off butten more is so brave. I’m working on that too. I like once a week. That’s a good idea. I’m still looking for my poetry. I might find it if I slow down and abide more. very good advice.

  8. monicasharman

    Yes, please (on the photo updates). I like what you did with the leaves—like an echo underneath. I like the white negative-space thing you did at the bottom of that same painting, too.

    1. nancy Post author

      thanks, monica. i will be sure to update.
      this way of learning has been good, though
      i have to constantly remind myself that it’s okay
      to make something that i don’t like in the process.

  9. steve

    That top acrylic is awesome. I love the technique you used on the leaves. I know nothing about painting, except what I like. I do think if the Jesus walked the earth today, he would tweet, facebook, blog and whatever else gave Him the ability to reach people. But, as with anything in life, it is only good in controlled doses.

    1. Beth

      I left a long message and then it disappeared when I hit a wrong button. Here goes another attempt:
      Please keep me up on your progression. That first painting is incredible! It looks to me like a huge eye shooting flames, dripping tears, and sending forth the sun’s rays all at once while being submerged in a body of water. The interpretation could be endless with this.
      I have cut back also, but almost too much–I’m striving for balance. I’m also putting your new address on my blog lists–replacing your old one, so that I know when you post. :>)

      1. nancy Post author

        thanks for sharing your thoughts on the painting. it has been interesting to me how it continues to change, and how i continue to learn. the painting and i are growing at the same time.


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