faith thoughts

we all like our comforts, and we have so many varied things that we hold onto that speak comfort and security to us. but, it’s the thoughts about those things that comforts us. 
those things that we hold in this way is a ‘wall’ between us and fear. only this wall keeps us separated, untouchable, and in one place.
God is better than the the things that we hold onto for comfort. God is our comfort…without the wall.
the only way to get rid of the wall it seems… is transfer holding onto the things, to holding onto God.  how do we transfer our hold?  how do we let go of the things that we ‘hold’ so dear? 
can we see what makes up the wall? can we even see the wall? perhaps we can’t see that there is a wall, until we let go of the way we think about the things that we hold onto…and the way that we think about God.
we don’t want to let go of anything that we have taken hold of for our self. our wonderful wall.
hold onto God.

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