It was warm and the moisture in the air made my skin feel smooth. It was a few years ago, and the usual exit off of an airplane, but the walkway and the baggage claim was completely open on one side. No need for walls or windows. As we drove from the airport, on my left, i saw a brilliant blue sea sparkling in the sun. And on my right, i saw palm trees and then cactus and sometimes a field of pineapple. 
After we had been in Maui for a couple of days, i kept having to remind myself that it was December. We were removed from the rush and reminder of holiday preparation. Yes, there was a little bit of christmas decoration going on in some of the shops. But, it was softer, quieter than what i usually see. It makes me wish i could spend every thanksgiving through new year’s day on a remote beach.
Christmas just does not make any sense to me any more. Getting together, sharing a meal, giving a gift; those things make sense. Chopping down a tree and bringing it in the house, a wee bit strange, especially depending on where you live. One would be hard pressed to find an evergreen in some places in the world. And why a tree?  Why not cake?
Then there are the commercials that start playing in November; pounding into our heads and our hearts that we should be buying everything from electric razors to new cars to show our love.
It’s time to stop.
Time to really think about who is saying what…and why.
So many people, don’t even know Christ has already come and is with us every day.
Many people, feel lost and lonely, because they are not included in this big deal that is made once a year.
There is so much in this time, that people have named christmas, that is fun; and quite a bit that is actually very sad. I understand that people like to gather together, and i understand the attraction of special celebrations. But, they always end up on the calendar, and expectation is bound to that certain day every year, to do all this traditional crap that people have loaded on the wagon.
As far as being a believer of Christ, there is not anything about having said christmas time that makes any sense to me. There is too much of the things that don’t matter…and too little of the things that do.
I want to speak of Jesus, and worship Him, and be with Him; which makes everyday special.
This year we are to gather with some of my husband’s family, believers and non believers; to sing carols, give gifts, and to eat together. It should all come-off as planned. It should also be a fine time of sharing.  And that’s pretty much what it is; a fine time to share God’s Love.  Just like every other day.

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