mere christianity . by c.s.Lewis

The essence of this chapter is to tell us that God does not stop with just okay. As a believer in Jesus, or what has been called a Christian, God starts to make changes with you. His changes, His way. We have free will to turn away from God, or to push Him away. But, as a believer, you don’t want to do this. csLewis wants us to know the truth of being a Christian. We need to know that it will be continual change for as long as we live, not always easy and nice, the way we would like change to come, not just the stuff that what we would like to have changed, or in the time we would like change. As Lewis would put it, God gives us, in Jesus, the full treatment. And we should not be surprised if we are in for a rough time. It’s like a home remodeling project that doesn’t end…and you are the house. God comes into the house, and starts remodeling the kitchen, and just when you think He is done, He starts on the living room, then an add-on, and a few colour changes, and on it goes, until He makes you home…or takes you home…or both.

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