always in the church


I wrote about my dream church the other day.  The fact is, i know it’s a dream.
I tire of seeing all the things that are wrong in every part of life, churches included, but, that’s the way it is, because there isn’t one person that does anything without fault.  It is a bottomless pit to go there or to point others attention toward it.  One must actually do something better than to point at it.
The better things that we can do is to encourage each believer to look for Jesus in any situation. And if we feel the need to point, we can surely point others toward Jesus. And last but not least, pray at all times and in all things.
When we point at the things that are not Jesus, we may get people’s attention, but, this only leads toward the darkness.
I understand the dream for a group of believers to be true and as one, as i would also like to see this and be a part of it. It’s just that, in this life, we can only look through our flesh. We see the brokenness of only some people and forget that everyone is broken.  Every human is broken.  Every one…every single one.
The closest we can get to this true and perfect oneness, that we desire, is for each one of us to look to Jesus and point others to Jesus, as much as we can.  Sometimes we get a glimpse of God’s Spirit working through this brokenness.  In Jesus, we are a church, part of a Spiritual Body, connected to the Truth and the Life, by the Holy Spirit.
You are always in the church…
and you can only see it if you are looking at Jesus.

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