One on one

I don’t like to label groups of people. Even though i know that it must be done to some extent, the people in most groups do not all think completely alike, no matter how they are represented. People vary greatly under the same label.
There is also the fact that anyone who speaks of a group and makes a name or label for them can say anything they want about said group, and it may or may not be true. Be careful to weigh what you hear. 
A person can generalize about another person until a closer look is taken. And no one can know a whole group, unless you know each and every person’s heart.
Plus, each person doesn’t even know their own heart completely, so how could anyone else?
What i am saying is that God is the only one that knows a person’s heart. So no matter what a group or a person seems to be, we can not even pretend to know the whole truth.  
We don’t know…and so we might want to allow our heart to remain sensitive when we think or speak about others. For there is one judge, and it is He who knows each person’s heart.
Allow your heart to remain sensitive to the leading of Holy Spirit and God’s word.
My photograph, is of plums. A bit blurred, but i like it that way. All the plums are indeed plums, but, even if you can’t see it in this photo, they are all different, unique in some way. I want to remember that people are all people and yet they are each unique, special, and to be Loved.

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