mere christianity . by c.s.Lewis


It is so easy to want to judge.  To take one side over another.  Doing so makes us feel in control of our self, of others and our world.  And yet, what judgement really produces are extremes, walls, division and selfishness.  None of these things are very good.
When we realize that we are not the judge, the extremes disappear, the walls come down, and we are less about protecting something that we are not meant to be part of.  We are less selfish.  When we step away from judgement, we are released from a certain web of deceit.
As a Christ believer we are to keep our eyes on God.  In that we realize that everyone is part of the same body of Christ, as everyone is a different organ within that body. When each organ is allowed to do what they are to do, this allows everyone in the body to live as the whole Body lives.
People are unique and at the same time they need one another.  In God’s creation we find everything to be both the same and different. The same and different are what we are.  Snowflakes are all snowflakes, and yet each one has their own unique shape.  All people are unique, and all people are part of God’s creation. God Loves everyone and wants everyone to freely Love Him.  And so we have free will, that we can be free to know Love and to choose to Love, as well as choose to Love God and to know Him.
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