Poem by Edith Brownell


Like tired lids the leaves drop down,
Earth drowsy grows, and on her breast,
Beneath a blanket red and brown,
The weary year lies down to rest.

Poem by~Edith Brownell
Published in The Outing Magazine
The outdoor magazine of human interest
Volume XLVII
October, 1905-March, 1906
The Outing Publishing Company


The following text is from
The Writer: A monthly magazine for literary workers
Volume XVIII   December 1906 ~ No. 12
Boston: The Writer Publishing Company 146 Franklin Street
Page 184
Writers of the Day

Edith Brownell, author of “His Burden of Hatred,” in Lippincott’s for October, was born in Toledo, O., but went south to live when a child.  Her first writing was done in Atlanta, and consisted of interviews  and book reviews for theSaturday Review, a local woman’s weekly, and two stories which were published in the Puritan Magazine – now extinct.  Soon afterward Miss Brownell went to Chicago, where she spent four years at the university, during which time her only literary out put appeared in the student publications.  While there she wrote and staged a little play, which was givening one of the women’s halls, and she herself appeared in some French plays.  Two years ago she came to Washington and began newspaper work.  She is now on the editorial staff of the Washington Post, writing special articles for the Sunday issue, together with dramatic criticism and interviews. Last summer she was sent abroad by the Post, and wrote weekly letters from England, France, and Germany.  Miss Brownell has had verse printed in Outing and in Youth, and Lippincott’s Magazine and Munsey’s now hold unpublished poems of hers.

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