photographer michael o’brien


photos above:
from “Their Own Choice”
A portfolio of LIFE photographers’ favorites.
LIFE Magazine’s 50th Anniversary Issue . Fall 1986
I took photos… of photos…that were in an article of
the 1986 magazine that i bought at a book sale…
which led to…
The Photographer
Web site for Michael O’Brien here
Book – “Hard Ground” 

Tom Waits – Author
Michael O’Brien – Author and Photographer (his second book)
DJ Stout and Berrett Fry – Book Designers
University of Texas Press
March 1, 2011

78 Photographs by O’Brien
23 Original Poems by Waits

✒ A very good article on the book, @ Pentagram, here.

✒ Maureen Doallas led off her December 23, 2010 post of “Facts, New or Not”
…..with information and links about the book, here.

light carving –  photo (light) + graph (scratch or carve into stone)

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