Steve started something…


Steve was doing some thinking…and it got me to thinking.  And now i’m going to get you thinking.
Thinking about receiving a letter or card in the mail, and how much we all like to get letters from
folks we know.  Steve says that he is going to send letters to the people he knows, and that he will
send a letter to anyone that wants to join him in this.  I sent him my mailing address…via e-mail.
So now i can look forward to a note in the mail.

And i am going get back into writing and sending notes.  I might even send a poem or two.

Does this get you thinking about someone that would enjoy a letter or a card from you?

Why not buy some of those pretty Love stamps and get to writing.
And i hope you will encourage others to pick up their pen.  (or crayons)

✒For Steve’s post, click here.

Please, feel free to leave a message.

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