mere christianity . by c.s.Lewis


You know, if you hang out with someone that is infected with something, you might end up getting infected too.  Maybe it could be a “good infection.”  C.S. Lewis talks about the one good infection that will enter into your life, your body, your mind and your heart.  I happen to know that this particular condition will grow and continually change the way you feel, think and see.  It will share with you it’s own life.  You will experience some side effects, but hey, it will all be good in time.  And, then, after your body dies, there will be a new and better life for you, made by the one that is in you.  Now, that’s one good infection.  
Beyond this talk of good infection, the best part about knowing your need for and seeking Jesus, is that you have a reconnection, and relationship that you didn’t have before.  Yes, that is really what your life becomes. A relationship between you and your maker.  No one knows you better than your maker or Loves you more for that matter.
Well, i suspect that if you are a believer, that you already know this.  And if you are not, well, you might not be so inclined to want to hear about it.  But, you just never know what might happen with words.  I’m just the one that types them.
Group reading of Mere Christianity

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