poetry, friends and school

Today i am very wiggly excited to have blog friends recording their voices and leaving the link on my post.
Voices are that extra layer of icing.  One more dimension of my friends.  One more way that we are sharing.  It’s totally fun to hear the words and voices.

It’s is good to get to know people better and have these places to connect.

I am also thinking of my youngest, CJ starting high school tomorrow.  She and I still need to go to the store for a few last minute things.

The weather is looking good today.  Sunny is what we need, as we had so much cool cloudy weather, this year.   The grapes are a bit behind normal, so we need a few extra weeks of sun, before that old rain returns.  But, we won’t think of rain today.  No…not today.

note: L.L. , the “Mindfulnes”s book sounds good.   I am almost done with “Mere Christianity.”

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