phart and phences


First… the “phart.”
Otherwise known as my “photo-art.”  phart #3 (above) is titled – “i’m gonna weave a fence around you.”

Now… about phences:

Did you know that the word “fence” in the 1400’s was the shortening of the word defens (defense), and recorded as “the action of defending.”  In the mid 1500’s it was recorded as “to surround with a fence, defend, screen, protect and sense of enclosure.”  And in the 1590’s “fight with swords.”

Fences are made of just about any kind of material, put up for more reasons that i can count, I sometimes see plants, trees and bushes serve nicely as fences.  And stone walls, which make nice fences, are totally beautiful.

I have always liked picket fences around cottages with a lot of flowers and things growing near, and an arch over the gate that has roses or some other vine growing on it.  Mainly because it just looks pretty.

Our place has a little fenced area where we once kept chickens.  Three of the houses in the neighborhood have fences to keep the dog in the yard.  Two have fencing for the horses.  One had a fence because of donkey’s.  But, now the donkeys are gone.  Another neighbor has a fence, because he used to raise lambs.  And one because of a pool.

I find it fun to see neighbors chatting over a fence.  And i like the old cartoons where the cat sits on the fence at night just yowling away.  And i always liked the song “Don’t fence me in” sung by a barbershop quartet.  These guys on youTube are totally phunny.

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