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i am given Hope.  in life received and given.  in the dance of relating.  it is Jesus.  Jesus is…where i came from.  Jesus is…holding my hand in the journey.  Jesus is already before me.  Jesus is alive, He exists, He is real.   Jesus “created” real.  He is Life…our Life.
Hope is not a theological virtue.  Hope is not a philosophy of christian doctrine.  Hope does not exist because i talk about it.  Hope is where Jesus is.  Hope is in Jesus.  Hope is from Jesus.
we use the word hope, carelessly, everyday, for our own wishful thinking.
yet, it is not the same Hope that is Jesus.
just as our use of the word love is not the same Love that is Jesus.
continued group-reading of “mere christianity” by c.s.Lewis
links are submitted with our co-facilitators jason or sarah

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