mere christianity . by csLewis


the three parts of morality

and me…

There have many times that i have believed that it was just about me.
A person’s thinking can be easily twisted around to make just about anything
seem okay, and even to seem right and good.

But, how do people know what is right and good?

Most people agree on some things as being moral rules.
They can co-operate on the ones that have to do with relating between people.
Though i am starting to question just how many even pay attention to this
unless they think people are paying attention.  But, i think they would agree on
the idea that they should be treated twith the sense of these moral rules.
Those being kindness, fair play, honesty, and harmony.

It is easy to see the results of not following these rules in our everyday life.

Things such as war, poverty, lies, inferior work, and corruption.

Yet, when a step is taken in the direction of speaking about what is going on
inside each man, or talking about the relationship between man and the power
that made him, people do not co-operate with these ideas very well.


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