mere christianity . by csLewis

csLewis with his friend, Ernest Moore, in 1917.
Ernest lost his life in 1918 as a second lieutenant.

As i read this chapter, i was brought into the reality that it was actually
written for radio broadcast during war time.  The references to battle and
the enemy are what the listeners in England were living.

Lewis had been in ww1 and had lost close friends.  Then during ww2
he had been asked to speak to an audience of his people, living in the midst
of that war, about the meaning of Christianity.  He, not being a scholar on
the bible, spoke his thoughts on what he believed to be true without
getting much into the less important things that people can also fight over.

While speaking of these things, he also spoke of things that the people
needed to hear during this time.  He spoke heart language, directly into their
circumstances, words of encouragement and enlightenment.

Words that are still true,
and words that the heart still needs to hear.


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