made to be used

i had made some of these potholders several years ago.  a friend from work had made some and
gave them to peter and i as a gift.  i liked them so much that when they started to wear out, i really
wanted another pair, and so got the instructions to make them myself.

it has been quite a few years since i have made some for myself and for my mom, and others.
the one that is finished, in this photo, is one that i had made and was never used.  and the other one
i had started and didn’t finish.

a few weeks ago i was invited to a friend’s house to do crafts.  she gathers a few friends every
couple of weeks for crafty thursday.  i didn’t have any craft thing that i was working on, so i dug
into my material stash and pulled this out.  now i’m back into making them.  it’s a good thing too,
because the pair that i made a while back are now starting to wear out.

i tell you, these are the absolute best potholders that i have ever used.  totally bendable and just the
right thickness.  i usually sew them together by machine, but, this time around i’m stitching them by
hand so i can easily transport and work on them.


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