coming and going


Blogger is up, and i get to post.  Close enough to the weekend though, that most
people don’t really care.  Readership and posting goes way down friday through
sunday evening around this neighborhood.

As i have been posting over the years, i have found it’s not different from any other
way that i get to know people and like them, and then have, at some point, a parting.
Yet, as i think of this, and how i can miss those that i grow fond of, i think of how i
have been blessed to have been allowed to meet them in the first place.

Opening my heart is a bittersweet operation.  But, there’s no sweet without bitter.
And God’s grace is enough, and greater than the bitterness.  And the open heart He
fills with His sweet peace.


There’s a world of trouble
Trying to take its turn 
I can hear it shaking underground
And half a dozen lessons
I might never learn 
Not until them troubles come around
But there’s only one and only
Who could go and leave me lonely 


Published by

nancy marie davis

Nancy Marie Davis wine label illustrations, photography, mixed media, poetry and study in love.

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