child heart

my very first blog was called “child at heart.”  i’ve been through a few blogs
and blog names since then.  actually, i can’t recall which year it was that i started
blogging.  maybe bob spencer could remember, since he’s the one who
recommended that i start my own blog.
i don’t even remember how i came upon his blog.  i was pretty new to the
internet at the time, perhaps i googled something that took me to his blog.  
anyway, after reading bob’s blog and commenting on it for awhile, he probably
thought that i needed another place, besides his comment box, to write.
i know that over the years, i keep coming back to some things.  each time i come
back to these words “a child at heart” i have been taught a little more.  it’s like i’m
able to see a new perspective on it, an addition to the previous thought and how it
pertains to my relationship with God.  i feel that my heart is very close to my
spirit.  i think that a child’s heart is softer, more trusting, and more open.  it is also
easier for it to feel pain and hurts.  i think that a child’s heart hears the voice of
the Holy Spirit much easier than the world hardened heart.

God helps us to remember this child heart, this listening and trusting spirit, again.
and our heart and spirit can become more accepting to hearing the Spirit of God.

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