mere christianity . by csLewis


clive staples lewis

112 years (and 9 months) ago
november 29. 1898
~ in belfast, northern ireland
to albert j. lewis and
florence augusta hanilton lewis.
his brother, warren hamilton, called “warnie” by clive, was born june 16, 1895.

in 1905 the family moved to a new home, “little lea,” on the outskirts of belfast.

both warren and clive were initially taught at home, by their mother, flora, and a governess.
but, three years after the move to little lea, their mother died of cancer, on august 23rd.
his father also lost his brother and father this same year.
in september, clive was sent to the wynyard school in watford, where his brother had been
enrolled since 1905.  he was unhappy there.  he complained about the vicious and sadistic
headmaster who was eventually committed to an insane asylum when the school closed.

there is a group reading of “mere christianity” going on.
and there are posts being written each week, and posted on wednesdays.
the personalities in the group makes for good variety.

the chapter this week is entitled “the invasion.”
and these are the ideas that transpired from what i read:


reality is not simple.  i agree.

yet, God has made our life in Him simple, spiritually speaking.
simple… in that there is only one thing to remember.
God has given us this great gift,
which is…
communication with the Holy Spirit of God.”

*note:  simple does not mean easy.


simplicity that can be made into something complicated
we listen to the lies of the enemy, instead of the truth of the Spirit.

yes, we are told many lies in this world…
in this “enemy-occupied territory.”
that might keep our attention away from  simply abiding.


the communing between our spirit and the Holy Spirit of God.

(or as clive might have put it, “listening in to the secret wireless of our friends.”)


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