what lies behind the law . mere christianity


i am like a stone
pulled toward the inner core
the gravity of it all

stones are better than i
listening to God
when He calls them to move

and the sea
it knows the voice of God
and obeys

but i
i have the mind

wondering about the universe
or what’s for supper

i have the heart

longing to be the shining star child
i can not be

more at the site of jason stayszen

13 thoughts on “what lies behind the law . mere christianity

  1. Rhymetime(aka Pat)

    Wow you really captured the reader with your words so wellI really must tellAs I came to sit a spellAnd hope no one fellFrom those rocksAnd lost their socks..lolAnyway your words ring out trueGreat job I must say by you

  2. jasonS

    I love this. It's incredible that we fall short so very much, but He loves us completely both before and after. The common stone may be better at obeying, but we draw His affection and that's mind-blowing. It changes everything. Thanks so much, Nance.

  3. Helen

    Stones are better at doing what they were created for than I am, too.However, you and I are called to a higher purpose. We are supposed to reflect His image. We have a harder job.I do like your poem, though. :-)


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