a visit to the E.R.


spent a bit of sunday afternoon in the emergency room.
i fell going down stairs.  the plate and bowl that i was carrying landed
on the floor first and my left hand came down on broken stoneware bowl pieces.
got some pretty new stitches, a digital x-ray, and a tetanus/whooping cough shot.
i’m thankful that i didn’t break my neck.
i found out that i’m fairly good at flying, but my landing pretty much sucks.


14 thoughts on “a visit to the E.R.

  1. Cheryl Smith

    I did this in the dark of night last November while carrying the cat and a bowl of meow mix. I don't land so well either, but fortunately, no stitches.Praying for a speedy recovery!

  2. B. Meandering

    I'm thankful it's not worse. Broken bones heal slower than stitched hands.I had to chuckle about your landing remark. Always humor lurking there in your outlook. :)

  3. Melissa

    Oh, Nance. My heart went flying with you reading this. Glad you are okay. Well, now we have matching stitches. Was just chatting with the massage therapist yesterday about those. She says olive oil and slow stretching now that the stitches are healed. (I found one of those stress balls help, too.) I gave her everything, a two week headache and a hip that went out just getting in to see her. I think it was the mud trying to suck my boots off. I'm falling apart limb by limb.Am glad you did not land on your head. Lovely hand by the way. OOXXOO

  4. Lorrie

    Grrrr…Aweee…Ooochie!! So glad you didn't break your neck!! Prayers of thankfulness and also for a complete healing of your owies! *hugs*


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