thursday – 9:10 am

i have gone through my email and have read a few posts.  it’s time.  time to be grateful and thankful to God as i clean.  in the thankfulness i enter into relationship with my God.  time to clean the skunk smell from the garage and the side of my car…and the cat.  God will speak to me today, as i clean, wash the dishes, cook, put away clothes, do laundry, as i am grateful.

7 thoughts on “thursday – 9:10 am

  1. B. Meandering

    Last Sat. the freezer door was left open. Fortunately only about 8 lbs of meat thawed out. Hubby took care of freezer defrosting and I did marathon cooking and then partialling and freezing.I am thankful that we had the meat in the first place and that I still have a place to cook the meat.I'm especially thankful to be able to sit down with my husband for an evening meal. I have so missed that! It's often in the ordinary routines that we truly see God's steadfast goodness and love (This goes along with what Susan said).


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