relation making



move and wag tongue
while breath flows
out of the body
causing different
sounds to
relate thoughts

make little squiggles
and put with other
little squiggles to make
a picture of thoughts

put hands, fingers
and arms into
certain positions
to show thoughts

what’s in a word at the high calling

14 thoughts on “relation making

  1. nance marie

    there are just so many ways to express word/thought…!i like all the relation that maureen found in the image.and i especially like the relation shipping that happens here.

  2. B. Meandering

    )range and pink together are vivrant–great combo I esp. like the first verse –the wag tongue/breath flows/ . . . different sounds to relate thoughts—That is a cool way of expressing how we express ourselves.

  3. Maureen

    Action and consequence revealed in three picture-making stanzas.Your image also shows relation: paint to water, paint to paper, color to color, center and distance, strong to pale, hot to cool…


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