relation making



move and wag tongue
while breath flows
out of the body
causing different
sounds to
relate thoughts

make little squiggles
and put with other
little squiggles to make
a picture of thoughts

put hands, fingers
and arms into
certain positions
to show thoughts

what’s in a word at the high calling

Published by

nancy marie davis

Nancy Marie Davis wine label illustrations, photography, mixed media, poetry and study in love.


  1. there are just so many ways to express word/thought…!i like all the relation that maureen found in the image.and i especially like the relation shipping that happens here.

  2. )range and pink together are vivrant–great combo I esp. like the first verse –the wag tongue/breath flows/ . . . different sounds to relate thoughts—That is a cool way of expressing how we express ourselves.

  3. Action and consequence revealed in three picture-making stanzas.Your image also shows relation: paint to water, paint to paper, color to color, center and distance, strong to pale, hot to cool…

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