1. Dr. Seuss had a plan, Stan,'twas Green Eggs and Ham,Sam, I Amone cool Cat in a Hatwell, pat me on the backjack, let me be a Foxin Socks and Hopon Pop in Mr Elligott'sPool where one two fish red fish blue fishleave me just one wishfor a Wocket in my Pocketsinging Happy Birthdayto YouWho doesn't like Dr. Seuss?!

  2. I wondered if it somehow had to do with ham, because I immediately thought of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. My daughter loved Seuss' books and I admit that they get old to the adult reading them.I like your picture and title even more now! :-)

  3. i was a teacher's aid for 1st through 4th grade for a year.the first graders wanted me to read "green eggs and ham" every single stinkin' time i came in to read to them.they were nuts over that book!so…i read it…over…and over…again…and again…

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