1. I think this is one of the most challenging truths for us to digest at our deepest level, and yet the one that we need in us the most. And by the way, your blog is a thing of exquisite beauty. Each post, photo, words, — all such a beautiful experience.

  2. That is the toughest for me–to keep my love of Him first and foremost. Loving, gentle reminder, friend–thank you.Thanks for understanding about the walls. My brother is boxed in right now also–much more than I ever get—he's seeking this love of which you speak and i pray he persists until he feels the comfort of those arms.

  3. Those first three lines are really hard. Sometimes what we see and touch feel seem the most real. But then you make it make sense with your last words and I'm okay.(now the fever will start talking and i'll lose even myself so i'll sign off for now)Blessings.

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