7 thoughts on “reason

  1. You've been deep in reflection lately, haven't you. Those times can be such a gift. I have to really put 'myself' aside, open my heart up, and listen to the still small voice. I never regret it that's for sure, though it's tough to do.By the way, I 'third' the beautiful, brilliant, and supreme comments.

  2. Wow — what a wise heart you have.I like what STC said — you are beautiful, brilliant, supreme — maybe what your heart is saying is — don't be these things for the world, — Be them for who you are. Lovely post!HugsLouise

  3. Wow, your heart is giving some tough love, eh? Sometimes I wonder if the "being more" is a basic human motivation that is not supposed to be so bad, but gets out of whack all the time. My wife, a psychologist, always reminds me that if you have feelings of wanting to be something or be viewed as something special, then that means you are probably special in that way at it is something trying to come out of you. Then if you fulfill that thing, usually those feelings will go away. Maybe the wanting is just a message inside that says you are beautiful, you are brilliant, you are supreme, because God made you so. But the pure heart is a good measure of truth, so I would follow it's orders.

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