selling out

no more santa
the world has moved on
fifty percent off your desire
grab it while you can
run now
hustle, man
it’s goin’ fast
this kinda stuff
it don’t last


12 thoughts on “selling out

  1. B. Meandering

    Just wanted to tell you that I liked the edginess of this. I know you've moved on to another post, but I'm a bit behind. I've never been to Maui–always thought it would be cool to go, though.

  2. nance marie

    i'm with ya maureen…no stores (well, except grocery store)and lorrie, i like your style…just staying out of everyone's way…think i will try that.maybe we can all meet in maui some day!

  3. Don Carlo

    Nothing lasts EXCEPT………love.I like, that you walked gingerly through Christmaswith your eyes open for love. Wonder sometimes, where did it go?Thank you Nancy. My first time here, and a pleasant experience.

  4. nance marie

    i am still in my robe at 10 am. today i don't want to run after anything that ain't gonna lastain't is a word in my book.i put it in there a long time ago…and it's still there.Christmas is such a mish mash of stuff… i try to walk through it gingerly, with my eyes open for Love. it is also a day to be on "HIGH ALERT" for all those possible emotional and expectational explosions. it takes the cunning of a snake and the gentleness of a dove…and LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE. I am glad that God has enough Love to go around.


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