c.1300, “to enjoy the possession of,”
from O.Fr. rejoiss-, stem of rejoissant, prp. of rejoir “gladden, rejoice,”
from re-, intensive prefix + joir “be glad,”
from L.gaudere “rejoice”.
Originally sense in to rejoice in.
Meaning “to be full of joy” is recorded from late 14c.


i don’t fully understand what it means to rejoice in the Lord.

though, i know that i am told to rejoice in the Lord.
perhaps, rejoice, because i am in the Lord,
enjoy the knowledge that i am able to be in the Lord.
to enjoy the possession of life in the Lord, for what it is,
and to rejoice in the Lord, for who He is.

i am thinking there are many ways that people rejoice.
i know that what, or who, i rejoice in is important,
along with the fact that i have been told that, in Jesus, i am to do it.
i believe that it is important to rejoice, in the Lord.
this, without always understanding how to rejoice in suffering for
my faith in Jesus, or in any kind of suffering for that matter.
perhaps, at those times, it’s a step in faith.
and, maybe it is very much like Love.

i understand
that some 
can be
but that faith 
can not.

one word . rejoice
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graveyard on maui, dec. 2010

8 thoughts on “rejoice

  1. Fatha Frank

    Knowing to and understanding how… Hmmm, challenging thoughts. I think rejoicing is simply a reaction. I'm not sure there's a right or wrong way. But rather a conscious acknowledgement of our Creator.

  2. CFloyd

    I used a Bible dictionary which gave a literal translation (and for me picture, I am a visual person) of "spinning" as with violent emotion. So rejoicing is a very strong evolking of the emotion of joy – an actual physical manifestation. So when the Children of Israel were admonished by the LORD to rejoice in his presence, he wanted to "see" their joy and for them to "participate" in it. What a hard thing to do when you don't "feel" like it, but sometimes our "rejoicing" is our "work" of faith. :)

  3. Glynn

    To enjoy in the Lord.To feel gladness in the Lord.To laugh in the Lord.To know joy in the Lord.To have blessing in the Lord.To give thanks in the Lord.To live faith in the Lord.


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