i am a woman
past the sell-by date
no glances my way
it’s okay, i guess
i mean
it’s not like
i was ever all that

12 thoughts on “7

  1. Beth

    Am smiling. That goodness, we don’t get thrown out like I do some of the stuff that inadvertantly sat in my kitchen cupboards too long! Just think what would be missed! I like Steve’s comment about wine. Yes, we are more like wine that like a store-bought can of soup that can get icky after the due date!

  2. steve

    We are more like wine not a dated jar of perishables. We become more refined as we age. A green banana has a longer shelf life, but it’s never as sweet as one on the other side of yellow.

  3. Owen

    It’s great to be discovering your work/play again and I believe my 82 year old mother would say that it’s about the time a person’s (woman or man) shelf-date has passed that true beauty begins to shine through.


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