december 23rd

it may be
christmas eve-
or the emperor’s
in japan
or maybe owen
frank’s birthday
or the night of
the radishes
in mexico
or the day
that oscar peterson
passed away
or the day that
sixteen survivors
of the andes flight
disaster were rescued
after seventy-three
days, having
it may be a day
that you get to
give someone
above all Love
it is given to us
in Jesus
where ever we are

moondust thursday

8 thoughts on “december 23rd

  1. A Simple Country Girl

    Oh my, those are broad strokes of humanity. I am ever so thankful God is the One holding the paintbrush…and the canvas.Nance, your words take me on a journey, deeper into my heart, but in a way that helps me chase after the God of our salvation. I am thankful to know you.Merry Christmas to you and yours!Blessings.


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