i had a dream 
that i was pulled 
through time
like an arrow
fast forward 
i flew
halls of decay
decked for demolition
my body falling away
like peeling paint
all my
left in the dust

19 thoughts on “taken

  1. christopher

    World's EndThe dust settled downafter you passed, laying onus all, a thin filmcoating everyoutcrop of hope or dream leftafter our tumbleon this bloodless plain,this wasted dry and crackledcrush of graveled bones.

  2. dustus

    Like how your words take flight like a shot arrow. "All my emptiness left in the dust" …Can definitely relate to that feeling. Fantastic line in an excellent poem. Cheers

  3. nance marie

    oh, i had forgotten to add the photographers name.it is now added, and there is a post about him at the one stop poetry blog,along with many links, for poems, at the bottom of that post.and yes, camel :-) you got it spot on!the halls..decked is a parallel to the christmas carol.thanks for noticing.

  4. shrinkingthecamel.com

    Holy you-know-what! This is incredible, and the way it aligns with the spooky photos – Did you take those??? I LOVE – "Halls of decay, decked for demolition" (a small parallel to Xmas?) and "my body falling away like peeling paint…" Shoot. I LOVE the whole thing. I want to savor this one.


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