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words sent


bits of words sent
here quietly appear
letters and spaces
cast in light
wrong or right
the words don’t matter
it’s the thought
that counts


words sent (a rewrite)

bits of words sent
here quietly
speak truth
letters and spaces
leave no traces
of doubt
that words matter
and surely count

illustration . words sent . nance

beyond a midsummer’s dream


just what is this season
between summer and fall
when it seems that time stands still
or there was never time at all

the tall grass stands golden
in the haze of silent sun
and i wish that i were young
once more

the earth will turn
upon blue winter

the chill
of death will sting
and splinter

then from
this dreamy daze
He shall wake me

from this
beguiling place
He will take me

hand in hand
we will go

and we will walk
in golden grass
and talk of many

the hush will turn
to music
i will hear angels

i will understand
the mystery
and contented
i will be

existing in
the rapture
of His Love

rewrite 8/28
added lines are words from lovely comments.
thank you.

not a list

i can only dream of the big city lights
filling the sky scraped and flowing
along the curbs come splashing
yellow cabs swerving honking
holding on for your life
on the streets
red light places going green
keep it moving on down the road
no parking here, man
it’s a loading zone