mere chruchianity . chapter fifteen

also posting on chapter 15 is glynn young at faith fiction friends.fatha frank has posted on chapter 14 thumbing it in on his mobile. ~~~~~~~ every time i take up this book, i can’t help but think of the writer.  i only visited his blog site a couple of times.  so i was not familiar with hisContinue reading “mere chruchianity . chapter fifteen”

write on

write on paperwrite on your jeansimagine thatpoetry jeansblack ink on faded bluewrite on the wallbeautiful versefor all to readwrite on your carwords to gonear and farhawrite on your handwrite on your shoeon top or on bottomit’s up to youit willmake you smilemake up your ownor copy onejust write onwriteon ~ for one shot wednesday, of course.