disciple pupil student follower

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Do you know how to follow Jesus?

When you follow Jesus,
you live with Him and He lives with you.

His Light is with you…”as” you follow.
You know His voice…
The voice of the Spirit…the voice of God.
You speak with Him as you are “walking together” and He speaks to you.
We are spirit as well as body.

If you want to let your Light shine. What i just wrote above is what that is.

Jesus is the Light. The Light is with you and in you.

If you are following Jesus,
you have the Light.
And the Light shines enough for what is needed.

If you want Faith, Hope and Love to be with you where ever you are…

same thing… follow Jesus.

At the work place,
at home,
at the zoo,
while walking in the garden,
at the hospital,
while you are in your car,
going over the river,
through the woods,
at grandma’s house,
while holding a gun,
when you are with someone you can easily hate,
when you buy things in a store,
going to a church building;
every single place holds darkness.

Follow Jesus.

It should be fairly clear now, that this is an “all of the time” kind of thing.
This is not a “take it or leave it depending on where you are” kind of thing. You can’t depend on where you are, only on the One you’re with.

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